What Does a Migration Agent Do?

Posted on: 18 March 2020

A migration agent can help people who want to emigrate to Australia choose the appropriate visa and complete the application process. It is not necessary to have a migration agent in order to do this, as people can do it themselves, but it can often also be extremely beneficial. A migration agent can also help someone by giving them moral support if needed during the process.

Migration agents are regulated by the Australian government and must have a current legal practising certificate that enables them to offer immigration advice.

Migration agent duties

The first thing a migration agent should do is assess the person's eligibility for applying to emigrate, both for themselves and their family. Once that has been completed, the migration agent will advise on what type of visa is most appropriate and whether or not there are any conditions attached to that visa.

The migration agent can help the applicant fill out all necessary documentation and monitor the application through its various stages. They should also be able to tell the applicant how long the process may take and whether or not there are any relevant appeal procedures.

A migration agent will not necessarily be able to speed up the process, but they will know the system well enough to be able to give an honest assessment of the applicant's current situation.

Immigration visas

An immigration visa can be either permanent or temporary, can apply to certain categories of people and their families, can be specific to certain types of jobs, can be affected by someone's age and qualifications and can be based on acceptance to a university or college.

Visas are continually being monitored and changed by the Australian government in response to perceived concerns regarding immigration. A migration agent should be able to stay on top of any changes and be able to advise their clients accordingly.

How to choose a migration agent

It is a good idea to do some research first before making a decision. This can be done by approaching several agents to see who offers the best feedback as to an individual's situation. It can sometimes be valuable to have an agent who specialises in a particular type of visa, such as a student visa, if the applicant knows this is what is needed.

Cost can be an issue and will vary depending upon the situation of the individual who is applying. A migration agent should be able to give some indication of cost depending on how complex the case is. Bear in mind that if the migration agent is a lawyer as well, then their fees may well be higher in order to reflect their additional experience and knowledge.